Winter Fishing Tips by Discover Boating

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, and their every action is dictated by water temperature. During cold-water periods, bass become more lethargic, requiring presentations to be natural and realistic. Many anglers will continue to utilize braided line in cold water. However, braided line will become limp in cold water. Remember that lethargic bass bites are very subtle, making them extremely difficult to detect, thus requiring the most sensitive line possible.

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Dock Float Bolt Hole and Dimension Diagram

At HarborWare the most common questions we get about our dock floats are: 1. how many bolt holes are in each float drum, 2. how big are the holes and 3. where are the bolt holes located?

1. The amount of bolt holes vary on each dock float, see diagram below for your specific size. We recommend using at least 4 - 6 of the bolt holes to securely fasten the dock float to your boat dock.

What You Need To Know About Winter Camping

When most people think of camping they imagine warm summer nights in a t-shirt and shorts; rarely do you think of piles of snow, freezing temperatures and sleeping with a parka on. For those brave few who are looking for a new adventure, here's some helpful tips on planning a camping trip this winter. If you can believe it there are plenty of activities to do while winter camping: ice fishing, snow hiking, cross country skiing and more.

First of all, if it's your first time, don't camp on an overnight trail far away from a car or shelter. It's easy to make mistakes or to forget to bring critical life saving items that you may need in the event of an emergency. Start by camping in a designated campground within quick walking distance of your car.

"The Weekend Lake", Family Trip to the Lake Cabin

"The Weekend Lake" is a well-shot video by videographer Matt Wiebe featuring he and his wife and their dogs at their family lake cabin. This is the perfect exhibition of what lakeside living has to offer: relaxing on the boat dock, canoeing, boating, swimming, watching wildlife and more.