5 Best Species to Fish this Fall

Discover Boating has suggested the best fish to go after on your next fall fishing trip. While most people don't consider fall the best time to fish, especially if you live up north where it starts snowing before Halloween, you'll be pleasantly surprised of the benefits. For some species, depending on where you live, the fall is actually better than fishing in the spring and summer. At the very least, you'll have less competition on the water since less people fish in the colder seasons.

4 Unbelievable Ways Fishing Can Help You Get Fit, By TakeMeFishing

For those who think fishing is a passive sport that doesn’t involve much beyond baiting a hook and making a cast, you may want to think again. Fishing is exercise and can help you build strength in a number of different ways. Keep in mind that any time you are on a boat, your muscles are continually working against the waves to stabilize your body.