4 Unbelievable Ways Fishing Can Help You Get Fit, By TakeMeFishing

For those who think fishing is a passive sport that doesn’t involve much beyond baiting a hook and making a cast, you may want to think again. Fishing is exercise and can help you build strength in a number of different ways. Keep in mind that any time you are on a boat, your muscles are continually working against the waves to stabilize your body.

1. Throwing a cast net for bait.
Catching enough live bait for a day of fishing usually requires several throws of a cast net that may weigh between 15 to 20 pounds (depending on the size of the net). To get a nice “pancake” spread out of the cast net and get it over to the bait, you will need to use your core muscles to rotate your body while using your arm muscles to gain enough momentum for a good throw.

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