Fishing for Blackfin Tuna in Saint Lucia

I recently took a long trip down to Saint Lucia, a Caribbean island a few hundred miles off the coast of Venezuela. It takes about a day and a half of flying to reach the island from Springfield, Missouri. We stayed in the small town of Soufriere on the southwestern part of the island. Our villa was nestled on a steep mountain's edge overlooking the sea and the Pitons (their famous mountain range). Part of this trip was to do some serious fishing, hoping to catch blackfin tuna and a really bad farmer's tan! We got up way too early than what I'm used to, around 4:30am, to meet our guide on the beach. Ultimately we only brought home one catch, but it was enough to feed all 9 of us and was totally worth the experience. We caught the tuna using a squid like soft bait lure.

We rode out on what they call a "Banana Boat".

A shot of the Petit Piton from the boat.

Another angle of the Petit Piton as we ride out to a fishing location.

We dropped our lines as the sun begins to rise. Excitement is setting in.

We caught this blackfin tuna about 20 minutes into the trip.

Smoked blackfin tuna. Locals usually cook them extra rare, so it was interesting.

By: Dave Darr