Which Boat Dock Bumper is Right for Your Boat

Source: http://hbwr.co/1lJBH5u
Boat dock bumper comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When it comes to picking the right boat dock bumper for your dock, it's all in the size of your watercraft. Smaller boats don't need oversized dock bumper, inasmuch larger boats can't get by with the smaller, light duty stuff.

There are 4 main types of boat dock bumper: side bumpers or rubrail , corner bumpers, vertical bumpers or post bumpers, and dock rollers. All are equally important and perform an unique purpose in protecting vulnerable parts of your boat.

Small Boats

If you have a low riding bass boat or jet ski, you can get by with the minimum amount of protection, utilizing 2"x10' vinyl rubrail and either 6" or 10" vinyl corner bumpers. This will ensure that you don't scrape your boat against the hard sides or corners of your dock as you're making your way in after a long day at the lake.

Medium and Large Boats

If your boat is a pontoon or runabout, you may consider our XL Corner Bumpers and Gas Dock Bumpers. These side and corner bumpers are 20" tall and will ensure complete protection of your boat while docking.

Docks with Posts

If you have roof posts on the sides of your dock slip and have a tall watercraft, such as a yacht, cabin cruiser or houseboat, you will want to install either vertical post bumpers or dock rollers. Another benefit of our dock rollers is they act as a guide to help roll your boat into the slip as you're docking.