Trout Unlimited Applauds EPA for Proposing Mining Limits in Bristol Bay

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Sportsmen around the country applaud the EPA’s release of its draft determination to bolster watershed protections near Bristol Bay, Alaska, by proposing safeguards against large-scale mining like the proposed Pebble Mine.

"For 10 years, the proposed Pebble Mine has cast a cloud of uncertainty on Bristol Bay. Today’s announcement provides hope that we are nearing the finish line to protecting the world’s most prolific salmon fishery,” said Chris Wood, president and CEO of Trout Unlimited. “Two of Bristol Bay's rivers would be most affected by the proposed Pebble Mine. One provides nearly half of the world's wild sockeye salmon, and is the best rainbow trout fishery in the world. The other is consistently among the top three producers in king salmon. It would be difficult to conceive a worst place to put an open-pit mine with 700-foot-tall earthen dams holding back its toxic tailings than in the seismically active Bristol Bay region." Read Full Story