Camping and Hiking in Mount Magazine State Park

A few weeks ago HarborWare management and friends went on a little company "bro trip" to Mount Magazine, the tallest point in Arkansas.  We hiked, camped, ate burgers and hot dogs breakfast-lunch-and-dinner, talked about aliens and government conspiracies till 2am every night… you know, typical manly stuff.  We all would agree it was definitely a highlight of the summer.

The park is one of the cleanest and friendliest state parks I have personally ever been to.  The same park rangers that drive around and will hangout with you at your campsite at midnight could also be your server at the local restaurant.  We hiked for miles and miles through the trails and I don't think I found a spec of trash on the ground anywhere in the entire park.  The park also exhibits the most breathtaking views Arkansas has to offer.  It's definitely worth the trip if you live anywhere near southwest Arkansas.

By: Dave Darr


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