10 Year Old Destroys 1,000 Fisherman in 2013 Edmonds Coho Derby

Photo by Sean P. Kelly
Imagine competing with nearly 1,000 outdoorsmen fishing in a pacific northwest salmon derby with hundreds of spectators watching, giving it everything you got to earn some local respect and some serious money, only to realize a 4th grader outpaced you before the day even got started.  That's exactly what happened this weekend at the Edmonds Coho Derby, part of the Northwest Salmon Derby Series.

On Saturday September 7th, Essix Kelley from Richmond Beach caught the winning salmon at 7am weighing in at 11lbs 8.16oz.  She won both the Kid's division and the Overall rankings.  Although it wasn't a record breaking catch, she definitely earned her merit badge for the day, as well as $5,000 cash (equivalent to $20 billion in kid years).  One could only wonder if she'll be spending her loot at the fishing store or toy store when she gets back home!


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