Minimalist Camping in the Arizona Wilderness

I’m going to wander out into the wilderness with only a hammock, my clothes, and my best friend. I’m going to push my way into the wild like I had just seen Emile Hirsch do and I’m going to walk out the other side a man. I was confident of it. So, the first weekend after watching Into the Wild, I grabbed my hammock, my guitar, some canned soup, and I headed out. I was so brave, I didn't even bother to check the weather. I didn't even think that I might need a tarp to throw over my hammock or that I might need more warmth than what a twin sized blanket could provide.

The next three days of rain were wonderful. I huddled up against the fire whenever I could, I defecated in bushes, and on the third day I gave up and went down the mountain, stopping at the first all you can eat Chinese buffet I found. In my mind, I thought that those days would be spent in luxury, and that my caffeine addiction would take a break with no consequence. I’m slightly less naive now, but I’m still fantasizing about going trail hiking with only my hammock. I think next time I might try and be a little more prepared, maybe check the weather at least.

By: Jonathan Terry