8 Things Not to Bring on a Camping Trip with the Guys

So you and the "wolf pack" wan't to be mountaineers for the weekend?  You're stuffing your overnight pack probably wondering how you're going to fit everything in there and how you're going to survive carrying a 50 lb backpack through the woods.  Not to mention you're wondering if you're bringing anything that will give the guys leverage to crack on you throughout the whole trip.  With all that being said here's 8 things you can leave at home.

1. Extra Clothes
Prepare to wear the same clothes 2 to 3 days straight.  If you're just on a weekender all really need is an extra pair of boxers and maybe some swim trunks.  Extra shirts, jeans and shoes is unnecessary weight and your clean clothes will just get dirty again in a few hours.  Also remember, if you come home from camping NOT smelling like a foot, it wasn't really camping.

2. Books
Camping should be an escape from normal life activities.  Not only should you leave behind all of your electronics and gadgets, but please for the love of all that's holy, don't bring your Star Wars book collection.

3. Umbrella
Let the trees be your umbrella.  Umbrellas will be awkward to pack and carry around.

4. Guitars and Instruments
Even if you're a talented musician, don't bring your guitar expecting everyone to sit around the fire in silence as you play and sing for hours and hours. Chances are someone is going to hate all of your songs and wish you were dead.  There's also a good chance someone will burn your guitar after you fall asleep and just say it was dark out and they thought it was firewood.  (Jerry if you're reading this, sorry about your guitar)

5. Large Tents
Don't even think about bringing a large 8 man tent assuming everyone will want to snuggle up together like you did in 3rd grade.  Bring your own small tent or just sleep under the stars; let everyone fend for themselves.  Large tents are clunky and too heavy to carry around anyways.

6. Pillow
You can't hike through the woods with a giant pillow strapped to your back.  You'll just like the offspring of a Ninja Turtle and a Sheep.  Your backpack can double as a pillow.

7. Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Cologne) 
Unless you're going to be gone for a week or longer, leave all the bathroom supplies at home.  Chances are you won't actually be taking a shower and the allure of bathing in a creek will quickly diminish when you realize how freezing-cold the water is.  Bring a stick of deodorant and tooth brush and call it good.  You can clean up when you get back home.

8. Luna Bars
The tagline for Luna Bars is "The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women".  I'll admit they have some pretty tasty flavors, but you should stick with their more masculine version Clif Bar.  Last thing you want to do is be on the trails talking man talk when suddenly you whip out the ol "LemonZest."  Major fail!

By: Dave Darr


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