Tying the Perfect Fishing Line Knot

Some say line strength is the weakest link between man, and fish. Is it? In some cases I’d agree. But in all fairness, it’s probably a weak knot. Yes, frayed line, weak spots, backlashes, temperature changes, and storage methods all play a vital role in the longevity of the lines life, but think about the physics happening at the knot. It’s absolute chaos!

Choices in application should render a choice knot. A personal favorite based on ease, strength and general all around use is the Palomar knot. With it being simple to tie, and a strong bond between line, and lure/hook, this knot is one to trust.

An Albright knot is one where you need to join lines of different sizes and types together. This is perfect for Fluorocarbon to Braid where it gives you additional strength, and wont bind going thru the guides. An absolute must when fishing the Drop Shot.

For those that want to make a topwater lure come alive, a “Loop” style knot is a great choice. The loop lets the bait swing free of any direct tension, giving it more action at rest once worked. That one little difference can make a good day, a great day!

For an explanation, and video demonstrations of the above mentioned knots, as well numerous others, you can download the app Grog Knots.

By: Jason Baggett


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